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Lori is out in the desert exploring, when she comes across an abandoned hotel. While there, an alien swoops down in his ship, and takes her inside. She figures she is going to be experimented on…. until she sees his huge cock and finds out he knows how to use it! Aliens love sex too as she fucks and sucks him until he jizzes all over her face!  More free sample pics at Aliens Love Sex Too.

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Rebecca is a sexy scientist who tries some experiments with electricity on a corpse and winds up bringing him back to life a s a zombie with a huge hardon!  Check out the free pics at Zombie Stein.

Taylor was bored, manning the control station in the city sewer system on a slow weekend. What she didn’t know was a horny lizard was about to rise out of the goo and make her day with his huge hard cock!  The latest work by Renderfiend, I love this picture!  More at Most Extreme 3D!

Lindsey recently graduated from Mistress Tilda’s submission school, and was turned over to her new master. She was anxious to find out what he would be like. Christian took her back to his apartment play room and showed her just how mind blowing sex in bondage by a skilled master could be. He first straps her down to a bed, then chains her arms, then hangs her by her arms chained to a pole while they enjoy some mind blowing bondage sex.  Check out the sample pics at My New Master.

Two different couples having some hot sex in these movies.  Check them out at Sexy Erotic Couples.

Two different couples having some hot sex in these movies.  Check them out at Sexy Erotic Couples.

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So you are having sex with your boyfriend, and your roommate walks in, what do you do? Invite him to join in!  This is what happened in this amateur threesome.  More free pics of this trio here.

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